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    We are the sole distributor for Hanovia in West Africa. For over 90 years Hanovia has been dedicated to continually adapt to meet our customer’s requirements through the validated application of UV science.

  • Our Services

    We supply various range of Biotechnological Equipment and Microbiological Media . Additionally, we deal with supply of all types of industrial, laboratory and retail weighing equipments.

Hanovia: The power in UV technology for 90 years



  • Glass Wares
    • 1Beakers
    • Measuring Cylinders
    • Specific Gravity Bottle
    • Culture Tube
    • Test Tube
    • Flask
    • Burette
    • Pipette
    • Funnel Cylinder Bottles
    • Conical Flask
    • Volumetric Flask
    • Flat Bottom Flask
    • Graduated Pipette
    • Volumetric Pipette
    • Iodine Flask
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  • Laboratory Equipments
    • research3Aspirator
    • Bunsen Burner
    • Colorimeter
    • Compass
    • Lab Optics
    • Laboratory Meters
    • Microtiter Plate
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Water Bath
    • Magnetic Stirrer
    • Auto Clave
    • Micro Meter
    • Oven Digital or Analogue
    • Bottle crowner
    • Carbonation/Ait Tester Zahn
    • Brix Monitor
    • Refractometer
    • Carbon Dioxide Analysis
    • Comparator Lovibond
    • Conductivity TDS Meter
    • Crown Gauge
    • Oxygen Meter
    • Water Analysis Test Kit
    • Hydrometer Certified
    • Thermometer Certified
    • hardness test kit
    • Gas Regulator
    • Distilling Apparatus
    • BOD Incubator
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  • Filters
    • Ultra filtration Modules
    • Vent Filters and Respiratory Circuits for Patient Care
    • Vent Filters for Industrial and Equipment Applications
    • Water Filters/Point-of-Use and In-line
    • Water Filters/Pre-filtration
    • Water Filters/Tracking System
    • Water Purification Systems
    • Surgical Smoke Filtration
    • Syringe Filters
    • Filter Funnels
    • Filter Holders
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EMMASHADE & ASSOCIATES LIMITED was established in Nigeria as a supplier of laboratory chemicals, equipments, industrial chemicals, glass wares, engineering spares and services. The company has made great impact in this field, having successfully executed lots of contracts and orders in various companies in Nigeria.

The Vision of the company is to provide quality standards scientific equipments and chemicals for all soft drinks, breweries etc with for their laboratories both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.


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  • sartor
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  • gastec